Discover The Crown Group's comprehensive railway training services, designed to equip individuals in the industry with the skills and expertise required for safety and excellence.

The Crown Group: Expert NSAR approved training provider

The Crown Group proudly stands as a National Skills Academy of Rail (NSAR) approved training provider. With a strong commitment to excellence, we offer a wide range of Safety Critical and Non-Sentinel courses to meet the specific training needs of the Railway Industry. Our dedicated team of trainers and assessors ensures that each course is delivered professionally, equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their railway roles.

Controller of Site Safety (COSS)

The Controller of Site Safety plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of railway construction and maintenance projects. Our COSS training program equips individuals with the necessary knowledge and expertise to carry out these responsibilities effectively, contributing to the safety of railway operations.

Engineering Supervisor (ES)

Engineering Supervisors are essential for managing railway engineering activities. Our ES training program provides individuals with the skills and understanding required to oversee engineering tasks and ensure compliance with industry standards and safety protocols.

Nominated Person

Nominated Persons hold significant responsibilities in the railway sector. Our training course covers the key aspects of this role, enabling individuals to make informed decisions and uphold safety standards in their duties.

Authorised Person

The role of an Authorised Person is pivotal in ensuring the safety and compliance of railway projects. Our training program empowers individuals with the expertise needed to authorize critical activities and maintain a secure railway environment.

Safe Work Planner

Safe Work Planners are responsible for meticulously planning and coordinating railway projects. Our training equips individuals with the skills to create safe and efficient work plans, minimizing risks and optimizing project execution.

Fulfilling Excellence

At The Crown Group, we are committed to extending our professional services to both commercial and residential customers alike. We prioritise building lasting relationships with all our clients, exceeding expectations, and ensuring exceptional customer service from project inception to completion. Your satisfaction is our utmost concern, and we will go the extra mile to achieve it.

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